At the core of Queen Consulting is our unwavering belief in the importance of pushing beyond established boundaries to create the future we envision. We pride ourselves on being the right hand of organisations striving to transform their legacy with innovation and continuous digital workflows in every aspect.We are here for the leaders of tomorrow.

”My first position elected by the employees and not management.I'm humbled by the role given to me and will use the faith given to me to create a work environment and the place to be, as a Queen deserves.”

Siv Selva, CEO Queen Consulting



Usually, the idea of a Queen reflects a legacy of crowns, with one hand that rules alone, striving to maintain power above the laws and people. However, at Queen Consulting, we believe that Queens are symbols of the people, regardless of their origin, gender, shape, or form.

To us, Queens are symbols of people, who lead beyond limits and strive for the extraordinary. They are the ones who dare to dream big and believe in their ability to change the world. At Queen Consulting, we celebrate the spirit of the Queen in every individual who possesses the courage and determination to create positive change.

If you are crazy enough to think that you can change the world, then you are a Queen!


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