We Are Specialists

After several years in the business, we concluded on two key facts: all customers face similar challenges and our peers in the industry, including ourselves, think we are their salvation.

Queen Consulting is a challenge. It challenges the notion of micromanagement, cost focus instead of value, and company politics getting in the way of quality time with customers. We grew tired of leadership without a cause and directions without communication. In essence, we were done with everything that shifted the focus away from employees, customers, and results.

We’ve worked in this business for many years and have seen it all, so we decided to bring our years of knowledge and wisdom together to create our dream company. Together, as one team with joint responsibility, we made it our mission to create a company that we and our employees would be proud of, a name they would share with everyone.

At the core of our company is the belief that if you enjoy doing what you do, you will give that joy back into your work. "The customer is king," an old mantra reflecting the customer's absolute value. Considering that, we wanted to be the queen. Did you know that in ancient chess, the queen was called the advisor? With the king in the center, the queen is the most important player in the game. At Queen Consulting, the queen equals our employees.

Our goal is to create a partnership with our customers based on trust in our work, just as much as we trust our employees. Our one rule is to always deliver 100%. Queen is for everyone - But not all



Our main purpose is to unlock the potential of those who contribute to the world.


We empower people to achieve a meaningful career by unleashing their full potential and guide companies to grow and succeed with the right skills for their business. We deliver above expectations and add value to companies that want to make a difference for sustainable results in a digital world.