The Queen Playbook represent our values and our way of working. We've formed The Queen Playbook with all our existing Queens. To include the future Queens to be, our Playbook is dynamic, agile and always evolving, just like the world around us.


We believe in pursuing work that we are passionate about – and when we love what we do, it leads to better results for our customers. We value celebrating victories, cherishing moments, and building our journey together. Rooted in the strong bonds of friendship and family, Queen Consulting was born.



We believe our Queens are fantastic. The solidarity we've fostered within our company is a source of pride for us.Our culture and core values manifest in our work and in who we are – as consultants, leaders, advisors, and friends.



We are humble, genuine, open-minded, and vibrant – we bring relatable personalities, and just like you, we are courageous yet not perfect.As guests, we uphold royal manners at heart, wherever we may go.



We believe that almost everything is possible. We challenge the ordinary to disrupt the usual approaches - pushing the boundaries in business and the way we conduct it. By changing the game, our customers emerge victorious, playing by their own rules.



Our enduring contributions to our customers are amplified by work-life balance and employee satisfaction within our team. Knowledge sharing is essential for our customers to reap the benefits of their investment in our services.