The primary cause of business failure during transformation implementation is misconception, with organisations often over-focusing on technology as the first step. Success in these transformations depends on factors like organisational readiness, employee openness, management perspective, and changes in marketing, sales, and supply chain strategies. Managing mission-critical initiatives requires a dedicated Transformation Office to drive complex and disruptive change.

The Role of a Transformation Office:

A Transformation Office enables organisations to manage multiple program and project management initiatives towards a common goal. It is responsible for driving complex changes on both operational structures and organisational strategy, serving as a critical link between executive vision and the organisation's work.

Queen Consulting can help you set up a well-executed Transformation Office with guidelines for ways of working and the right roles and capabilities. Our expertise can improve your transformation across four areas:

  1. Value: Ensuring transformation initiatives align with organisational goals and deliver value.

  2. Design: Crafting the optimal transformation strategy, considering organisational structure and culture.

  3. Execution: Effectively implementing changes across the organisation with minimal disruption.

  4. Business Adoption: Facilitating employee and stakeholder buy-in and successful adaptation to the changes.

With our Queen Driver's help your organisation will be better equipped to navigate complex transformations and achieve long-term success.

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