Organisations that want to lead the game need to be as resilient, creative, daring, and energetic as the individuals within them. It's all about having the ambidextrous capability to be both efficient and entrepreneurial, agile and solid, disciplined and empowering – in short, organisations need to acquire the capacity of shapeshifters. For example, we can help you establish best-practice service management for your organisation. The benefits include:

  • Reduced costs for sourcing and production

  • Increased customer satisfaction and quality

  • Enhanced ability to meet business requirements

  • Support for developing processes and guidelines within the organisation

  • Improved communication between the IT organisation and its customers

  • Increased use of experience and knowledge, leading to higher productivity

  • Improved structure and order

New, disruptive technologies are impacting the people, processes, and governance in IT departments. IT organisations must evolve and ensure their operating models are meeting the many and varied challenges of these new technologies. You need to rethink your strategy for application IT operation and service management to keep up with the rapid pace of change and large-scale evolutions in digital technologies.

As the pace of disruption is set to increase in the coming years, we can advise and support you in implementing a NextGen IT operating model, which can help in cost reduction, high availability, flexibility to scale, risk minimisation, and improved time to market.

At Queen Consulting, we think like activists and challenge the rules that have remained unchallenged for too long. We truly believe that innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance, and we recognise the unique innovative and adaptive qualities that we possess as human beings.

Our goal is to ensure that your operations perform as efficiently and effectively as possible, minimising your current costs while maximising your operational capabilities. Operational Architecture serves as a bridge between a company's strategy and its successful execution.

We collaborate with you to understand where your business truly is, where it wants to go, and what it genuinely takes to get there—without the costly risk of trial and error. We integrate deeply into your organisation to address all dimensions of your challenges and identify the best path to resolution and subsequent realisation of strategic goals.

"Progress cannot be generated when we are satisfied with existing situations."

– Taiichni Ohno

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Pasi Saranpää

Director of IT Service Management

pasi.saranpaa@queenc.se / +46 70 918 36 06